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Valle Agadón

Surroundings and activities

The main geography in the region are mountains made of quartzite rocks, it is in this very same rocks that you can observe the famous trilobites that lived in the oceans millions of years ago, this is a clear symptom that the whole area was covered in water (this is still a hard to believe fact amongst the oldest people in our village), it was the movements of the earth crust and the overlapping of tectonic plaques during the tertiary age that created the current mountains that surround the village.

The whole area is rich in trees, therefore as soon as you start your descent from "Paso de los lobos" (Wolves pass) you'll enjoy the view of areas populated with pines, oaks, holm oaks, holly bushes, yews and chestnut trees. These beautiful surrounding draws you into a beautiful river with crystal clear waters that will allow to refresh yourself during summer in one of the natural pools available for it. 
For the people who are not available to hike or have mobility difficulties we have a small botanic garden that will allow them to experience the different varieties of flora from the area. 

Wildlife lovers will feel at home in our village, it's not uncommon to spot wild stags, hispanic goats, boars, eagles and many other wild species of birds, mammals, reptilians and insects. Enjoy nature in all it's splendour.

Without leaving our village, some of the activities you can do are:



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